Attributes needed in the website

21 01 2010

the ability to view books, also try and impart the tactile feeling of turning the page. British library turning pages example

be able to pan and zoom in on the artwork to see the fine detail. ie photoshop zoom and pan using spacebar.

play movie clips

show flash based works

show images

hierarchal navigation system that can go to courses then drill down to the people on the course.

random work displayed when no department is selected.

a start animation that plays while loading the site to stop the viewer feeling like they have to wait for the site to load.

optimization so that load times are kept to a minimum especially wen dealing with large image files. Note to self: research into the possibility of using a low res image that when zoomed in on will load a higher res version for viewing.

simple yet elegant user interface.

photo for each student to make their space personal (NOT PASSPORT PHOTO).

quote of statement from each student to help make the space more personalised.

The work should be the main focus on the site. ie navigation should be hidden where possible to maximise the artwork area. maybe move the mouse to the edge of the area to bring up the controls.

background of webpage should be a non distracting colour. enabling the viewer to be undistracted.

If i have missed anything could you leave a comment. Ta




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