Concept ideas

28 01 2010

George and I have been concepting ideas.

One which sticks out is the idea of digital/analogue and the contrast that can be used visually. also this title encompasses all of the work that is produces for the exhibition.

Here are some ideas for this concept

This concept was proposed to the exhibition group but they didnt like it so back to the drawing board

on a side note. i also proposed an interface idea to the for the exhibition website, it was loosely based on the digital analogue idea.

The idea was to have an interface that looks like an old 50’s jukebox.

in the exhibition literature their would be a 3 digit code that corresponds to each student. Then to view exhibition work of students you would type in the code. The arm of the jukebox that usually moves and selects a vinyl record would pull out a file that would open into a full screen preview of the student work.

The group seemed quite interested in this idea. But until we have a solid concept for the degree show it will be difficult to tell if this will be used.




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