Beware the box mockup

1 02 2010

This is one idea that i have had for the degree show. It is based around the idea of “Thinking outside of the box”. The images on the left show the brochure cover which also doubles as the back page. when handed out the brochure would look like it was inside of a box (top left image) but when unwrapped the brochure would be outside of the box and would double as a desk pencil holder. The brochure would be bound with a single rivet at the top left corner.

For the exhibition the idea would be to use coloured tape and layout graphics or doodles or illustrations around the room and up the wall. the center piece would be a box that was cordoned off and large black lettering on the floor stating “BEWARE THE BOX”. Maybe to add a bit of fun to the event people could be given a box to stamp on and at an elected time everyone would squash them to symbolise stamping out bad ideas.




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